Professional window cleaning vs DIY methods: What should you opt for?

If you are wondering whether you should invest in professional window cleaning or settle for DIY methods, you’re in the right place. Both these methods have a variety of benefits, but what option should you opt for? To help you make an informed decision, keep on reading for a handy breakdown:   Professional Window Cleaning […]

A short guide to the best window cleaning techniques for different glass

If you want to achieve sparkly clean windows, it is important to note that different windows require different techniques to achieve this. Here at Prudential Window Cleaning, our 120+ years in the industry have provided us with a wealth of knowledge on a whole host of window cleaning techniques, so you can trust that you […]

4 Reason Why You Should Keep Your Windows Clean

1. View How boring would life be without windows! We all enjoy a good view of the scenery whether it be by you desk overlooking the spectacular landscape (if you’re lucky!) or on the bus looking on to the noisy busy main road. Either way it’s not something we appreciate even though we somewhat rely […]

Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Window Cleaner

How difficult is it to clean your windows. Is it really worth hiring a window cleaner when you can wipe your windows clean yourself? Well here are a few benefits in hiring a window cleaner. It’s not just for being lazy! Time The first obvious advantage would be, personally cleaning windows can be time consuming. By […]

Why Window and Sign Cleaning Are Vital For Your Business

The saying ‘first impressions count’ must be the core of your business. All too often, businesses concentrate all their time, effort and money on making sure the interior space of their premises is well designed and inviting. However, when people come to your business premises, the first thing they will notice is the exterior premise. […]

What is the Reach and Wash Water Fed Pole System?

The reach and wash water fed pole system is one of the latest high tech equipment there is available to professional domestic and commercial window cleaners. It is one of the most safest methods of getting those hard to reach heights without compromising health and safety. As well as diminishing the use of traditional ladders, […]

Why You Should Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

If you want your solar panels to work efficiently then you must make sure they are well kept. The more light a solar panel gains the more power it will create. Solar panels gather a lot of dust, dirt and over time will build up therefore it is recommended to hire a professional to help […]

Great Ways To Decorate Windows

Curtains Windows can play a big part of a rooms look. Whether it be in an office or just your bedroom, the choice of curtains can make a huge impact. There are many designs available in all size and colours, or why not try something different and do a DIY? The colours you pick will […]

Glass Breakage In Windows

Whether the glass for your windows have a small or big damage, either way it is a hassle and potentially a hazard for many obvious reasons. No matter the size of the breakage, it should temporally be covered right away if possible. The reason for the breakage of your windows can sometimes be easily noticed […]